Designing a perfect barthroom
Designing a perfect barthroom

Designing a perfect barthroom

As we said earlier, whether you are looking to give an existing bathroom a new lease of life, or want to create a new bathroom from scratch, here are the top tips to ensure you get it completed on time and within budget

1. Define a budget

Start by defining a budget. While it’s a rather sensible and slightly boring aspect to focus on first, it is inevitably a factor that will determine the rest of your entire project.

A definitive, carefully considered budget will enable you to prioritise both where to spend and where to save.

2. Want vs. Need

The next step is to figure out your main priorities. If the bathroom you are planning will be the main family bathroom in your home, chances are it’s going to need a bath, a shower, a sink and ample storage. But if it’s a much more modest en-suite bathroom, maybe you can get away with just a shower cubicle and a loo.

3. Search for inspiration

There’s nothing wrong with looking at what people have already done. We often don’t know what design styles we like until we see them in the flesh.

This is where showrooms, glossy magazines and even your friends’ bathrooms come in. Don’t be shy. Go see and work out what will be a great fit for you.

4. Be realistic

This point kind of touches on the preceding three in that you can only achieve what your space, budget and imagination will let you. So, be realistic.

5. Be 100 % sure of your layout/plan

With a list of requirements compiled and suitable inspiration drawn from a number of sources, it’s time to begin laying out the basics.

If you are renovating an existing bathroom, ask yourself if you really need to move the bath/shower, sink and toilet. If you do, be aware that it will incur additional costs as you’ll need to also move the corresponding water/waste pipes too.

6. Don’t forget the ventilation

If you overlook the ventilation in your bathroom, you’ll regret it later. That’s because poor ventilation in a room that contains a lot of moisture is a recipe for disaster. Not only will you likely experience a build-up of mould on your walls, but you’ll also have the headache of constant condensation on your windows, mirrors and shower cubicles.

7. Also remember the lighting

Some people like dimly lit bathrooms where they can enjoy all the rejuvenating qualities afforded by a long soak in the bath by candlelight. Others prefer a much more enlightening experience. Your preference will determine both the number and type of lights you install.

8. And so is storage

A tiny glass shelf above your sink covered in toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste and shampoo bottles never looks good. Nor does store all these items at the end of your bath or in your shower cubicle. That’s why storage is such an important consideration for any bathroom.

Even if it’s just a cupboard, set of shelves or wooden rack, adequate storage is something you need to factor in; otherwise, you’ll be constantly knocking toiletries over and searching for somewhere to house your razor.

9. Create the right mood with colour

Remember, if lights create the mood, colours create the atmosphere. Use warm colours to create a relaxing spa-Esque atmosphere or crisp white décor, pale blues or yellows for something a lot fresher that leaves you feeling energised before a long day at work.

10. Consider your flooring options

Whatever kind of floor you choose to lay in your bathroom, it will need to be impervious to water, slip-resistant and match your overall feel/colour scheme. It’s why many people opt for tiles and complement them with a soft bathmat to absorb most of the excess water to prevent accidents.

Have fun.

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